There is no denying it, the Internet has changed the world forever, giving world wide access to what we do in just a few clicks of a button. To think that Jazz was started in 1988 with just a drawing board, a dark room camera and a few pens (we did not have a computer!) to where we are now is truly incredible.

  • Big Tattoo Planet
    This website is intended to be an inspirational, informative, friendly and positive website. It is a place where you can discuss, write comments / opinions and share your experiences / knowledge of tattooing. As well as a place where you can talk about the general things in life too! The community forum (where the site started in 2002) is still going strong, but in addition we have developed the site into something much more. Take a look...
  • Hotel Tattoo
    The world leader in finding you the best room for any convention. You can instantly search all hotels in a particular convention town or city, see images, read reviews and view locations to find the cheapest prices anywhere... We are a convention accommodation comparison site. With you'll always get the best and cheapest deals on the planet!
  • Digital Magazines
    All of our titles are available in digital format from Zinio - Not only do you make further savings by purchasing a magazine this way, it is a convenient way to read a magazine anytime you desire, as well as going a little way to protecting the environment.